Wedding Season in Mallorca

The wedding season in Mallorca tends to run from round about May to round about October – the months when the sun is strongest, the heat really gets going,  and the airlines are flying at full capacity from a huge number of airports.

This is the season when Bonito Cakes is busiest with all sizes, types and tastes of Wedding Cakes. We’ve produced cakes of all sizes, from the tiniest of cakes for very small intimate weddings to huge cakes for hundreds of guests. We’ve delivered cakes to spectacular wedding venues all over the island.

If you are planning to get married in Mallorca, get in contact with Bonito Cakes to discuss your wedding cake requirements.   If you are coming over in advance, we can arrange a cake tasting for you. If you are looking for accommodation, we may even be able to help you out with that. If you want put in contact with Wedding Coordinators or Wedding Celebrants, we can also help you with that.